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Our first priority is to safely and efficiently remove pests from your home or office.



Pest Control Guys are a team of highly trained pest management technicians serving the Greater Toronto Area.


At Pest Control Guys, we offer a wide variety of services for your home or office. We offer termite control services to the people of Toronto along with numerous other solutions to common pest problems all around Toronto.

Often people confuse termites with ants. These two are very similar species of insects but in reality, they differ in many ways. Like ants, termites reside in wet and rotting wood. These termites may seem small but they can become the greatest enemies of the woodwork around your house or your workplace. If you have a lot of woodwork around your house, you may not know when the termites attack it and make it their colony destroying it completely.

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If you see signs of termites in your house, make sure you deal with the termites immediately before they eat up all the beautiful framework of your house and offices. You must contact professional pest control services for termite control because if the termite problem is not dealt with in the time it might cost you very much.

Instead of paying huge amounts for the renovation of your house you can avail the termite control service by the Pest Control Guys in the most affordable price. Our termite control service is 100% reliable and affordable. Our licensed, prompt and courteous team members ensure that our customers get rid of the termite problem permanently. People often think that spraying on these insects will help them rid of it but it is not the case actually. This might help you control the termite problem temporarily but if you wish to get rid this termite problem permanently you must contact the professional termite control service by the Pest Control Guys.

Termite control Toronto

The steps that make up our team’s termite control procedure includes;

Step # 01: Identification

The very step in the procedure is to identify the scope of the infestation. In order to carry out any process, it is important to first analyze the situation. This helps in coming up with strategies to deal with the problem.

Step # 02: Development of Strategy

On the basis of identification and analysis of the property of the customer, out team decides the level of severity of the problem and decide the type of strategies and methods to use for the termite control.

Step # 03: Extermination

The third step is the extermination of the termites. We use the special sprays that eliminate the problem without damaging the property or the health of the customers.

Step # 04: Exclusion

The fourth and the final step is to use Habitat Modification to make the area unappealing for termites and ants in the future to put an end to the termite problem forever.

If the termites start appearing before the guaranteed time, contact our team again and they will pay a free of cost visit to your property without any additional charges because customer satisfaction is very important to us.

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