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Pest in your homes can be very annoying. They can certainly affect your properties and well-being, as they can carry different types of diseases that can harm the health of your family. At our company, Pest Control Guys, we know and we fully-understand what you’re going through.

We know that you want to quickly eliminate such problem as untreated or delaying its treatment can worsen all things. That’s why we are providing a residential pest control service for you. Dealing with your pest problems will be easier and can be eliminated as early as possible.

Protect your Homes with our Residential Pest Control Service

Protecting the health of your families, home, environment and properties is something that we take seriously. Pest such as ants, mice, termites and spiders don’t belong to your homes. These pests don’t only bring serious health risk to you and to your family members, but including your pets as well.

Occurrence of different type of pests in your homes can costly damage and cause serious destruction to your home structure. Our residential pests control service is an ideal solution to all homeowners who are dealing with any pests’ problems. We are here to deliver you the most effective and quality results.

With our residential pest control services, you can guarantee the elimination and removal of your household pests. Our business can give you an assurance that your homes are well protected against any household pests.


Our first priority is to safely and efficiently remove pests from your home or office.



Pest Control Guys are a team of highly trained pest management technicians serving the Greater Toronto Area.


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Our residential pest control service includes:

Pre-scheduled exterior & interior services.

Recommendations & suggestions to prevent/eliminate occurrence of future pest problem around your homes.

Visual inspection of the different areas of the house.

Common Household Pest:

  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Centipedes

These species are the common pests that you can find in your homes:

These species are the common pests that you can find in your homes, and you probably use a certain chemical in order to prevent them from coming back. But unfortunately, it is less effective than what you think. Our residential pest control service offers you the most effective pest control service no matter what kind of pest problems you are facing.

Ants can resemble with swarming termites:

Ants can resemble with swarming termites, that’s why it is very necessary to determine their difference as termites can bring severe damages to your home especially if it’s a wooden structure. With our residential pest control service, you can stop the coming back of the pests in your homes as we are expert in providing the long-term and effective solution on how to prevent your homes and properties from the different household pests.

These species are the common pests that you can find in your homes:

Since, our main goal is to provide your protection from these pests, we take our residential pest control services seriously. And we do that by providing you the most knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and professional people to take care and handle your household pests’ concerns. We treat our customers like our own family, that’s why we always make sure that your homes are all free from any pests.

We are happy and confident to say that, you are our highest priority and with us, you can get the best service that you need for your homes. So, if you have household pest problems, just let us know and allow us to do it for you. We will surely leave you and your family a safe and pest- free environment.

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