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Pest control in winter time

Most people believe that your home or business is pest free during the winter months. They think that the freezing temperatures kill any pests out there. But what they don’t know is that, although winter brings with it subzero temperatures, certain pests are looking for warm places to multiply and survive the winter. While summer time brings its share of wasps, bees and ants, winter is a completely new game.

As colder weather approaches, there are certain pests such as mice, rats and wild animals that are looking to hide in warm basements and attics. These pests are extremely intelligent and can have a strong sense for survival during the difficult winter months.

Mice, for example, are attracted to warm environment that your basement or attic offers. This article will dive down deeper into mice behavioral patterns and few mice control solutions.

In the city, mice can spend all of their life time inside buildings or homes. However, lots of them are also running free outside. During colder months, mice find their way inside warm homes in hopes of finding more food. As they settle in, they start building their nests near food sources. Some places you may find mice are underneath appliances, inside cabinet, in the ceilings and basements.

Treatment of mice should entail proper inspection and continuous sanitation. To start off, you should first examine possible entry points. Mice can penetrate extremely small cracks and crevices. Another sign for mice would also be to look for mice droppings. Once you have confirmed that mice are present, the next step would be to properly treat and sanitize the area. The first step in the treatment is to clean your home from left over human or pet food present in the area. Mice are attracted to left behind food sources in our homes and are therefore more likely to multiply in areas of food leftovers. Keep your home or place of infestation clean and that should minimize the effects of these pests. One important point to remember is that mice could contaminate any food you may have around so if these items are not sealed, throw them away because these foods could be contaminated. If nothing else works, then it is time to setup some bait stations and traps around different areas that might be infested. There are many types of solutions to treat mice infestations. However, if you choose to go the route of rodenticides, which are poisonous baits, these should be placed in areas not accessible to any young children and pets.

If you feel you need the service of an expert pest mice control company, call Pest Control Guys in Toronto today and have one of their technicians come and solve your mice problems. They will start with a comprehensive perimeter inspection of your home to look for any signs of entry points. Once these entry points are found, next they will proceed to seal these areas and make their way to the interior of the home. Once inside the house, we they will look for possible mice droppings around warm places like under the dishwasher, behind ovens and fridges and inside kitchen shelves. The next step in the process will be to place bait stations and trap solutions around the home to ensure efficiency. Once all of these measures are applied, the last step is to book a follow up appointment with you every week to make sure the issue is being treated properly.

This here is a complete Integrated Pest Management solution that will have your home, office or any other complex safe from unwanted pests. For any information, you can reach PCG at any time and they will be glad to help you out at your moment of need.

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