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At Pest Control Guys, we offer a wide variety of services for your home or office. Mice control service being one of the many services we offer to the people of Toronto.

Health and hygiene are very important for spending a good life. When it comes to health, all unhygienic stuff must be discarded or eliminated. Hygiene is very important if you wish to spend a healthy and a happy life.

Save Yourselves from Mice Attacks

Mice roaming around your house or office? Worried that your health and hygiene conditions are being compromised? You do not have to worry. Pest Control Guys have the best mice control solution for all of you going through the mice situation. Pest Control Guys provide the mice control service at a very low price but the mice control treatment is cent percent effective and it may eliminate the mice problem in your homes or offices completely.

If you do not wish to call for professional help and wish to deal with the mice problem yourself. Here are some tips from the professionals to help you carry out your own mice control procedures.

  • Open food, open organic waste etc are the things that attract mice the most. The first you are supposed to do is to remove such items.
  • Proper storage of food in the fridges is a very important step if you wish to get rid of the mice.
  • The holes or the gaps from where you think that a mouse can enter, you must seal these holes so that all possible ways through which mice can enter your house or office are blocked.

These solutions are temporary and if you wish to permanently get rid of the mice problem you might need professional help.

The Pest Control Guys’ team carries out the mice control treatment in three steps.


The very first step in our mice control treatment is an inspection of the place infested. Our team tries to analyze the situation of our customer’s house or office. A thorough inspection of the place is the only way which can help our team to decide which method of mice control has to be used.


The second step is the extermination which the main step. The mice are exterminated from the property of the customer using the specific methods according to the level of mice situation in our customer’s house or office.


The third and the final step is exclusion. Our team makes your property mice protected. All possible ways are sealed and traps are placed in areas where the mice are coming from.

Our team members are licensed, prompt and courteous to ensure that they do not disrupt your busy day. If the mice return within the guaranteed time promised by our team, our time will visit again at the property without any costs and carry out the treatment again as customer satisfaction is the most important for the team of Pest Control Guys.

For more details call us now. We are ready to serve you whenever you need us.

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