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Gеt Rіd Of Bеd Bugѕ

Bed BugBed bugs are small, ancient parasites to humans, which feed primarily on human blood at night. They have a mouthpiece designed to sting and suck the blood under the skin. The bed bugs are creeping insect of the family Cimicidae which measures, in adulthood, between 5 and 8 mm long by 1 mm high. It infiltrates almost everywhere: in the mattress or armchair stitching, in tiny cracks, behind skirting boards and moldings. This sucking biting insect feeds on blood, one to three times a week. With this syringe, they pierce the skin and inject a little saliva containing an anesthetic and anticoagulant that thins the blood. And it’s gone for the feast. The bug then leaves us an unpleasant memory; they leave red and itchy marks on our body, especially on uncovered areas such as arms, legs or face.


How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of those parasites that nobody wants to find in bedding. They are small, half-centimeter brown insects that feed exclusively on the blood of their host. Although bedbug bites are more unpleasant than dangerous, some people may develop allergies. It is therefore essential to eliminate bed bugs before they proliferate throughout the house. Below are some methods to get rid of bed bugs:

Steam Cleaning

This method is also used by most pest control companies and is by far the safest and natural means of killing them. It is recommended to treat them all in the same room so as not to infest other places. The temperature of the cleaner must be at 100°C.

Stеаm Сlеаnіng

Cold Treatment

Like the extreme heat, the very low temperatures are formidable against bed bugs. Place the items to be treated in a freezer for at least three and a half days without folding them. The temperature of the freezer should be -18 ° C to be effective. Unfortunately, some household freezers are not cold enough. Make sure the device is powerful enough to be efficient.


VасuumіngVacuum all bed seams or furniture, and discard the bag immediately. This method does not get rid them completely, but it will help with some prevention before using other treatments. While Vacuuming, please also remember to use a scraper to scrape along your beds, carpets, and other hot spots for bed bugs. You will also need to wash the sheets, the bed covers, at high temperature. An extended stay in the dryer also at high temperature, will also give results. Check the entire room: skirting boards, night tables, electrical outlets, even phone and alarm clock. If you notice signs of infestation, clean, vacuum, treat. Place small items in plastic bags, seal tightly and place bags outdoors, in direct sunlight, or on very cold days (minus 19 ° C).

Washing Machine

You can also treat bed bugs with your washing machine. Again, consider using very hot water (60 ° C). Do a full wash cycle and a drying cycle bonus if necessary, especially if your volume of water is not enough to adequately cover your items.


InsecticidesIt is also possible to eliminate bed bugs with chemical insecticides. Entrust to an bed bugs exterminator. Be aware, however, that bed bugs require more than one treatment. Always follow the label safety directions carefully. Pesticide labels contain direction for use that is not merely suggestions.

Finally, bed bugs are dangerous insects that can have a negative impact on our health and to get rid of them requires persistence. These steps show you how to get rid of bed bugs, but going through this routine one may not be enough. You may have to repeat the whole thing a few times before you can declare your home a bug free zone.


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