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It can be very frustrating and annoying when your home has been invaded by mice and rats. One of the most annoying and painful aspects of this is the fact that once these rodents have established a nest in your home, it could be very difficult to get rid of them completely. This usually happens when they find food and a relatively safe shelter in your home. In view of this, it is important to take swift action in ridding mice and rats of your home. Below are some of the ways getting your home rid of mice and rats;

  • Close all the openings in your home: Rats and mice always access your home through tiny openings around your home. In view of this, it is important to ensure that all the holes that these rodents can use to access your house are blocked. Also always close your doors and windows, these precautionary measures will help to prevent rodents from entering into your home.
  • Keep your home clean: One of the most effective ways of getting your home rid of mice is by cleaning it properly. Generally, these rodents enter your home in search for food and safe shelter. Once they are not getting food inside your home, they will naturally leave the house and search for food outside. In view of this, it is advisable to always stored food in airtight containers so as to discourage rats and mice from entering your home.
  • Traps: Trap is also very effective in getting your home rid of mice and rats. However, before using traps, it is very important to prevent other rats from entering the house where the traps will be used.
  • Poisons: Rat poisons are also used to get rids of mice and rats from your home. However, rat poisons shouldn’t be applied in a home where there are children and pets. It is however the most effective method of getting rid of rats and mice from a home with large infestation of these rodents.
  • Apply Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil is one of the natural deterrents for getting rid of mice and rats of your home. The smell of this oil is very serious that it scares rodents away from any area where there are applied. Just apply this oil is sensitive places around your home where you think there are rats including your garage.
  • Use Organic deterrent: There are companies that specialize in spraying organic chemicals in homes that have been infested by rodents like rats and mice. These companies apply chemicals that will deter rats and mice from environment where there are applied.
  • House cat: House cat can also be very good in getting rid of rats. You seldom see a rat in any house where cats are reared. There are always very fierce and aggressive in hunting for rats and mice around the world.

These are some of the ways of getting your house rid of rats and mice. Try and apply any of these methods as these rodents can be very frustrating when they have established a nest.

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