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Our trusted and reliable exterminator technicians promise you through actions that it is easy to be pest-free. They are trained and licensed for all your pest removal needs. We are indeed professionals that have already been in the business for the past decades. They read and they follow label directions that help prevent misapplications. You can put your trust on us that we can best treat your homes.

You also do not need to worry of the safety and security of our treatment products. All our treatments are low in toxicity level. This only means to say that they are harmless for pets, people and environment. Your yard and your home will never be harmed because of our services.




Bedbug Extermination

Bedbugs are pets that have increased in number over the past ten years. The problems with bed bugs usually stem from the densely-populated area and the sheer amount of hostels, hotels and shared housing.


Fleas Extermination

One of the most common pest infestations is that of fleas. These pests are parasites feeding on humans as well as other warm blooded animals. If you have fleas problem, it would mean that you and your pest are serving host to these pests.


Ticks Extermination

Ticks are one of the kinds of pests that are not only annoying for someone who enjoys the outdoors but also is a cause for health concerns. Ticks are pests that carry diseases such as Zika virus, Lyme disease and West Nile virus.


Stink Bugs Extermination

Ever heard of the stink bugs? The stink bugs or brown marmorated stink bugs are a type of pest originating from Asia and is now one of the invasive species of pests infesting many homes in the US. These bugs are named stink bugs because of its tendency to release a nasty odor when disturbed or when crushed.


Termite Extermination

They are such type of pests that can definitely ruin the foundation and structure of your house. The bad part thing about this pest is that, they’re not noticeable so, this simply means that termites don’t come into your house with warning.


Bees/wasps Extermination

Wasps or bees vary tremendously depending on the species. Many of them come with 2 pair of wings as well as a pinched waist. Wasps range in different colors, ranging from black to blue or metallic green and they also differ when it comes to size from nearly microscopic to several centimeters in length.


Mosquitoes Extermination

If you’re tired of combating mosquitos in your backyard, let Pest Control Guys take charge and give you peace of mind. Our company is proud to provide cheap, effective and safe mosquito control treatments for commercial and residential clients so that you could enjoy being outdoors once again.


Cockroaches Extermination

Cockroach control could be hard for the reason that there are two major forms of cockroaches which are German and American. They can be eliminated through the use of various techniques. It may not be easy for a homeowner to identify the kind of cockroach that is trying to invade his or her home.


Ant Extermination

Are you stressed and worried because of the occurrence of unwanted guests in your homes? Ants are one of the most common pests that you can find in homes and workplaces. They are definitely unpleasant insects roaming in the wall of your office or home.


why Choose us ?

We take pride in our work

We take pride in our work and we carefully evaluate and assess your situation to know the significant reasons to your pest issue. We are knowledgeable and expert in the field and we offer helpful and friendly service to valued customers. We are more than committed to providing only the best results possible.

We treat you as a family

Considering the fact that we treat you as a family, expect in return that your property will be completely free from pests in no time. Pests are really annoying and frustrating at home. They can also be very dangerous and unhygienic causing health problems and safety issues. The impressive thing about us is that we utilize the best technology and latest products that promise you results achieved in an efficient and safe manner.

Pest Control Guys will also be the best company to rely on for pest control techniques and services. Our business starts and ends with you. We will effectively remove all rodents, critters and bugs from your property. Unless we have made you fulfilled and satisfied, we have not completed our job. It is easy to forget customers these days. That is why we have entered our business around our clients to make them happy and fulfilled.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer all your questions related to pets. We will also consult with you regarding your pest control needs. Even a property inspection will be provided the moment our technician visit your home. Your home will be evaluated properly and completely.
We will learn and take time to know the pests that enter your home. The areas in your home that are potentially vulnerable will also be made known for you.

Truly, our extermination service will be the best and we will customize the service that is specific to your property and home. Your home will be treated thoroughly while pests will be exterminated completely. Call us today and speak to our specialists regarding your pest control needs!


  • Leon L
    We Have just moved into our condo to find out there were lots of small Pavement Ants around the baseboards and floors. We needed someone to show up immediately and Technician Ben arrived in about 2 hours. He sprayed our home and took about an hour. He gave us great advice to make sure this issue will not come back again. Very satisfied with the work and service, not to mention, the price 🙂 thx
  • Alana J
    Called Pest Control Guys to look at a rodent issue we've been having for long time. I've previously used another company to handle this problem but they couldnt make issue go away. The technician from PCG came and took care of the problem and we've been mice free since then. He even gave us tips told us what to do on our own to make sure we are pest free all the time. Very Happy with the service and highly recommended.
  • John S
    Really great experience using your services. From the minute i called till the time the service man arrived, we were in the loop about the entire procedure from beginning to the end. The technician showed up and helped us with the bedbug issue we had. He was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Will definitely use your services again.
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