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Pest Control Guys is a leading pest control services providing residential and commercial pest control solutions in Ontario, Canada. We provide commercial service to a wide range of industries including food and beverage, restaurants, healthcare, apartments, hospitality and more. Whenever businesses need preventive solutions or extermination solutions for active pest infestation, we are here to deliver thorough inspections and reliable service.

We take pride in providing tailored pest control programs designed to suit your organization’s needs. We make sure that we provide you the most effective pest control solutions in the industry. Our pest control commercial service can take on different forms, but each one is designed to ensure that your business is protected from any kind of pest infestation.

Our commercial service for pest control solutions includes:

  • Bed Bug Services
  • Fly Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termites and Ants Control
  • Fleas and Ticks Control
  • Stink Bugs Control
  • Cockroaches Control
  • Bees and Wasps Control

When it comes to controlling and eradicating these pests, rest assured that Pest Control Guys employs the best and most effective methods for safely but thoroughly eradicating them. We understand the damage that such pests can bring to your company or business, and with that, we strive to simply give you the best in commercial pest control. Work with us to design the best plan in preventing flea infestation in your business.


Our first priority is to safely and efficiently remove pests from your home or office.



Pest Control Guys are a team of highly trained pest management technicians serving the Greater Toronto Area.


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Prevention of Pest Infestation in Your Business

Pests can have a huge impact in your business, especially in the financial aspect as the larger the infestation is, the more that it can cripple your business’s reputation. The fact is when pests are already inside your business, they can quickly multiply to become an infestation. To prevent this, the key is proper prevention. On that note, Pest Control Guys can provide you with the different methods and solutions on successfully preventing infestation within your place of work. Some of the methods we can employ include:

  Sealing Entry Points – pests can easily enter through doors, windows, cracks and holes in floors and walls, through the vents and plumbing and many other ways.

  Removing/Cleaning Water Sources – pests cannot thrive without water and their common water sources include the restrooms, water fountains, plumbing and faulty drains.

  Removing Food Sources – small mishaps on sanitation can also cause for pest infestation.

  Cleaning Harborage Points – for rodents and cockroaches, small and dark areas are frequent harborage areas. Other facilities for pest breeding also include cracks and crevices on the walls and floors.

Pest Control Guys can take care of the preventive measures in these points around your place of work to prevent pests from entering and infesting your home. Effective prevention is the best way that you can protect your property and yourself from the health and property concerns that these pest carry. With that, Pest Control Guys are here to help you with. We are always dedicated to the safety and health of your people. Come and call us to discuss more about our commercial pest control service!

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