At Pest Control Guys, we offer a wide variety of services for your home or office. One of the many services we offer, Ant control is one of them which is a very big problem at homes and in offices as well.

Have ants made it difficult for you to relax at home and working at offices difficult? Without wasting a single minute, contact the Pest Control Guys. We understand your problem and know how difficult it is to survive with ants. Our professional and highly skilled team members have a variety of techniques to help our customers get rid of the ant problem. We provide the best ant control solutions to the people of Toronto facing a serious ant problem at homes or at offices.

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We have solutions for all kinds of ant problems such as; acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants etc. if you feel like you are under the “ant attack”, make sure you get help from professionals such as Pest Control Guys as our team knows the techniques and have the skills that are needed to deal with the serious ant issue.

If you do not wish to call the professionals and wish to deal with the ant problem on your own then here are some tips from the professionals themselves.

Ants are mostly attracted to the warmth of your house and the food and can creep up into your house through cracks, gaps in doors, windows and through other similar locations. Here are some of the tips you can try to get rid of your ant problem;

  Stuff such as food that attracts the ants must be put away and the place must be cleaned for crumbs.

  Seal all the holes you find in your homes and offices so that the spreading of nests can be prevented.

  Place cornmeal at locations from where you see ants entering your property as it is something which is indigestible by the ants and it can kill them or cinnamon or basil can be placed in such locations as these two are ant repellent.

If you have already tried the above-mentioned tips and they haven’t helped you get rid of the ant problem, dial our number and we will there for help. Our professional team members make sure that our customers get rid of this major problem.

If by any chance you start observing that the ants have returned before the time guaranteed by the Pests Control Guys, feel free to hit us up and we will be there to help. The next visit will be free of cost and we will carry out the process again.

The team of Pests Control Guys is professional, licensed and skilled. Feel free to contact us for more details call us now. We are ready to serve you whenever you need us. Our team is always ready to answer the queries of our customers and call us only if they feel satisfied.

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