Home Sealing for Stink Bugs

Home Sealing for Stink Bugs in Pennsylvania

Stink bugs have become a common problem in the southeast Pennsylvania area. These pesky critters seek out warm spaces in cold months, which are often cracks and unsealed holes in our homes. An Asian species, the first stink bug is thought to arrive in Allentown in 1998 by hitching a ride in someone’s suitcase. Since then, their population has grown extensively and reported in many states in the United States. They have become a major problem in Wayne, Devon, Collegeville and the surrounding areas.

Allentown Stink Bug Control

Stink bug often goes undetected until they’re ready to enjoy the warm weather, seek out food and reproduce. When the weather changes, they come out of hiding and pester everyone they encounter: indoors and outdoors. Stink bugs diet include fruits, vegetables and other plants, so living in areas with many farm fields, such as Allentown, allows them to reproduce and lay 20 to 30 eggs at a time. Even homes that have vegetable gardens, trees and other plants can attract stink bugs. As a fairly new species of insects to Quakertown, the extent of damage is still being studied. It’s unknown what other destruction stink bugs can do and diseases they may potentially carry to harm our landscape and homes.

Recent studies done by Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has linked stink bugs to agricultural issues; specifically, the brown marmorated stink bug which has plagued the Allentown and surrounding areas. Its studies suggest several ways to help reduce and eliminate stink bugs in our homes and the surrounding landscape. Stink bugs have been the result of not only being a pest, but severe losses to agriculture. Many farmers in the Allentown area reported losing crops as early as 2010, due to the overwhelming stink bug population.

Solving the Problem

The simplest solution is to contact Homeland Pest Control to have experts come in and seal holes in your home’s interior and exterior, which is where the stink bugs are entering. Finding even the smallest entrance ways for stink bugs can be done by an expert in pest control. Although many harmful pesticides can be used, they only kill stink bugs that are visible but don’t reach the eggs. Calling a pest control professional will help your stink bug problem.