Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs

The Best Way to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Pennsylvania

Those big ugly brown shield-shaped bugs are driving people crazy! They make a loud sound when they fly, a person can actually feel their feet as they grip skin and they stink to high heaven. Science says the odor comes from the chemicals trans-2-decenal and trans-2-Octenal. One resident of Pennsylvania described the smell as a souped-up version of spoiled milk mixed with auto body putty. It is a pungent chemical smell. Young stink bugs smell worse.

Where Did Stink Bugs Come From?

The Brown marmorated stink bug comes from the same place most of our household electronics and other products come from—they are Chinese imports. The interesting thing about stink bugs and Allentown is that we are the first place in the US where they were documented back in September of 1998. They are spreading fast. The good news is they cannot bite or sting. They do not have a mouth to bite or a stinger. They use stink as a defense mechanism. Stink is an understatement. People report having to immediately wash any clothing that a stink bug has landed on because the smell lasts longer than student loan debt. The scent comes from glands so dried up, dead bugs will not stink up your house.

How to Control Stink Bugs in your Allentown Home

Professional exterminators learn the life cycles of pests and use various tools at their disposal to mitigate problems caused by them. Stink bugs are definitely pests. Due to their size and clumsy flying, they often startle people out of their wits. Just seeing one relaxing on a light fixture can make the timid jump. Though there are all kinds of sprays and gadgets being hawked to rid the home and property of the bugs, many of the consumer level solutions produce mediocre results at best.

The best approach to take is to hire a professional exterminator who is trained in controlling the Brown marmorated stink bug. Consumer products differ from commercial exterminator products. The products used by Homeland Pest Control are safe for use in residential homes when applied by trained individuals. There is no way a consumer product applied by a homeowner will get the same result as a professional product that is applied by a professionally trained and experienced exterminator. Since Allentown was the first place to report stink bugs, we can be the first place to rid our home of these pests. We offer a home sealing service to deal with these pests, as well as general control services. The stink bug scourge is not over. As populations of them grow and become established, the problem gets worse.