Bed Bug Travel Kits

Taking a vacation is relaxing and fun. Staying in a hotel, letting someone else do the housework and sightseeing allows you to regenerate and refresh for another year. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a growing problem all over the United States. You can stay in a hotel for a day and bring them home with you.

Getting rid of them is not easy. Heat remediation is the only way to effectively deal with the problem. Homeland Pest Control has the experienced and licensed staff that can kill the bed bugs in your home. If re-treatment is needed, we will be happy to return.

The best way to avoid bringing bed bugs home is preparation before you leave. Purchased kits often include bed bug repellent spray, some sort of sticky trap and a flashlight to illuminate the area. A bedbug travel kit can be put together for your trip. You will need:

• Mattress and pillow protectors
• Bedbug sticky traps
• Small flashlight to inspect places in the room
• Plastic bags for your laundry
• Inexpensive sheets and pillowcases

Bed Bug Travel Tips

In your hotel room, remove the bedding and make the bed with the protectors and lines you brought. If any bugs exist, they cannot get through the protectors. Place the sticky traps on the floor overnight. If bugs are present, they may be found on the traps. Use the flashlight to check the curtains for eggs, larvae and adult bugs. When you leave, take your sheets and pillow cases; leave the protectors. If a single bug is present, you do not want to bring it home.

Toss your dirty laundry in the dryer when you get home. Leave it on the hottest cycle the fabric can stand. The inside temperature should be up to 200° for the length of the cycle. After treatment, wash your laundry as you normally would. Carefully inspect your luggage for any signs of bugs.

Hiring an Exterminator in Quakertown

Bed bugs are not known to respond to repellents or insecticides. They are among the toughest bugs on the planet, but they cannot take prolonged high temperatures. Heat remediation involves heating the room or house to over 135° until the bugs’ bodies dry out. This should only be performed by professionals.

Even with the most diligent planning, bed bugs can still invade your home. It is best to treat the problem at the first sign of infestation. Homeland Pest Control is happy to help you rid your home of these nasty pests.