Bat, Squirrel and Raccoon

Bat, Squirrel and Raccoon

Bat, Squirrel and Raccoon Control

Southeast Pennsylvania’s growing population has led to restructuring by tearing down old factories and warehouses to build new homes and commercial properties. Natural habitats for different animals are being replaced with new homes and building throughout the area. When these habitats are removed, it can cause animals to find new areas to live and breed. Bats, squirrels and raccoons often become a problem in our homes because of this.

Dealing with Bats in Allentown

Bats roost in caves and generally feed on flying insects such as mosquitoes. They can also take cover in unoccupied buildings, especially near rivers, lake and ponds, because bodies of water attract their food source. They’re often found in old factories and other large commercial structures that aren’t occupied. If something happens to their roosting area, they need to find a new home or even a temporary home, which can result in bats in or around our home.

Raccoon and Squirrel Control in Wayne

This is similar for squirrels and raccoons. While squirrels live in trees, they also look for small places, such as in cracks in our homes to nest. Raccoons tend to find hollows in trees trunks or unoccupied burrows left by other animals. Both animals came become a pest if a food source is nearby, and their natural habitat has been removed. As these animals’ population increases, competition for food and housing can misplace them, forcing them to our homes and other areas such as sheds, crawl spaces and even in sewer pipes.

Professional Removal from Homeland Pest Control

There are several ways to prevent these critters from entering your home, but if their habitat is altered and their population increases, even taking precautions may not be completely successful. To ensure your home stays protected from bats, squirrels or raccoon, Homeland Pest Control can help. As experts in pest control, we can check and seal any spaces in your home that look inviting to these types of animals. We can find areas you may not realize are inviting to bats, squirrels and raccoons using their expertise. Homeland Pest Control can protect your home and humanely remove any pests in and around it.