Why Choose Pest Control Guys in Toronto?

Your home must be a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Once it is infested with pests it’s no longer a hospitable and welcoming place.
Pest Control Toronto can assist you get a reliable pest control service in order to keep your home safe and sound and most of free of annoying pests.
We are a reliable pest control company serving Toronto area which can assist you eliminate critters and bugs and other annoying pests which could make unsanitary condition as well as threaten to harm your home.
We can efficiently get rid of bugs such as cockroaches, termites as well as hornets. We can also eliminate red bugs that could be hard to eliminate and could reproduce fast in your property as well as furnishing. We can also handle hard and difficult scenarios such as getting rid of critters which are trap in your walls and crevices.
Also we can deal with pest’s infestations of rats and mice which could rapidly get out of control. Regardless of what kind of pests you’re dealing with, we are the best company to call. We have decades of experience with reliable pest control and have a repute for getting amazing results.

Regardless of time and day, we will be there when you need an emergency pest control service. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if it is a bed bug, a cricket ants or any annoying pests, get your phone and dial our number our team will be there to help you kill and eliminate this annoying pests. We only use the best but the safest products.

We assure to totally get rid of any types of pests infestation, anywhere you are in Toronto. In case you are not pleased and satisfied with our service, you can call us for a refund. Our main objective is to be the number one pest control Toronto company, call us at 416-887-6804 to get a free quote.


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Does your home seem to always attract pest? Did you have this issue taken care of in the past unsuccessfully? Here are some interesting facts about pest control in the city of Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area.

To start off, the city of Toronto has seen an unusually high cases of bedbug problems. According to recent findings, Toronto leads all other Canadian cities in incidents and treatments of bedbugs. This data comes from a leading pest control research that shows that the number of bedbug incidents is constantly on the rise. Currently, the heavy rainfall of summer 2017 has caused the number of pests to increase in the Greater Toronto Area. While ants are the number one complaint for this time of year, there are other pests that have seen a large increase as well. Pests such as Mosquitoes, Ticks and Earwigs have all seen a large spike in numbers in the GTA. As the wet summer months bring with them larger amounts of rain, this in turn, has led to an increase in the pest population. Experts believe that the increase in pests are attributed to the poor infrastructure and sewage system in and around the city of Toronto. As a result, we have seen more people calling in for pest control service in Toronto and overall in the GTA.

While there are many pest control companies that are qualified to treat your issue, finding one that is reputable as well as cheap is a little more difficult. Pest Control Guys is such a company. Virtually all of their technicians have a strong background in Entomology (the study of insects) and are fully licensed by the ministry of the environment. In order to treat pests properly, one must understand a pest's life cycle. Identifying the pest's life cycle, will ultimately determine the treatment necessary to kill it. Having such a strong knowledge of pests is what distinguishes Pest Control Guys technicians from the rest. Having great knowledge in Entomology gives them the edge in inspecting and solving any pest control issue one might encounter.

While there are other companies out there who would do a great job, Pest Control Guys offers a certain edge and aptitude that you won't find with other companies. Experience and constant learning is something that is constantly applied at PCG.

So if you require service to your home or office, call Pest Control Guys and ask about their pest protection plan. This plan ultimately has one goal in mind, to keep your home pest free all year long. This requires monthly visits by Pest Control Guys technician to keep your home free of pests all year long. This method is the best way of protecting your home from any kind of pest at any season.

For more information on any of their services, call Pest Control Guys any time. They service all across the Greater Toronto Area for more than 10 years and specialize in residential, commercial and industrial pest control services. And remember, no job is too small or too big with PCG.

  • John S
    Really great experience using your services. From the minute i called till the time the service man arrived, we were in the loop about the entire procedure from beginning to the end. The technician showed up and helped us with the bedbug issue we had. He was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Will definitely use your services again.
    John S
  • Alana J
    I Called Pest Control Guys to look at a rodent issue we've been having for long time. I've previously used another company to handle this problem but they couldnt make issue go away. The technician from PCG came and took care of the problem and we've been mice free since then. He even gave us tips told us what to do on our own to make sure we are pest free all the time. Very Happy with the service and highly recommended.
    Alana J
  • Leon L
    We Have just moved into our condo to find out there were lots of small Pavement Ants around the baseboards and floors. We needed someone to show up immediately and Technician Ben arrived in about 2 hours. He sprayed our home and took about an hour. He gave us great advice to make sure this issue will not come back again. Very satisfied with the work and service, not to mention, the price :) thx
    Leon L

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